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20. Turn Visions Of Growth Into Reality With Paul Saganey and Angie Herbers

20. Turn Visions Of Growth Into Reality With Paul Saganey and Angie Herbers

Growth is complex. Growth is an aspiration, a hope but few have a real strategy on how, where and most importantly why they want to grow.

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by Paul Saganey, president and founder of Integrated Partners, and Angie Herbers, Managing Partner at Herbers & Company. Together they discuss the terrifying topic of business growth, sharing the importance of creating a vision of your business’s future and how to turn that vision into reality.

Paul and Angie discuss:

  • The complexities of growing your business
  • The importance of separating you from your business
  • The first step in building your vision
  • The benefits of asking for help within the industry
  • And more

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About Our Guests:

Paul Saganey:

As a practicing advisor for over 30 years I understand what its like to build a strong practice and deepen my existing relationships. When I launched integrated in 1996, it was my goal to build, alongside my fellow advisors, an organization that offers vision, support and direction for the future growth of our practices. By collaborating with industry professionals and my peers, I research the economic and regulatory landscape to successfully reach that goal.

Angie Herbers:

Nearly two decades ago, I created Herbers & Company to serve as the trusted consultant to the leaders of the financial advisory industry. We help advisory firms grow by creating and executing management growth strategies to capitalize on opportunities in, leadership, corporate finance, operations, technology, the client experience, human capital management, sales and marketing.

My passion professionally is to expand the growth possibilities of all advisory firms across the globe. I started our consulting firm nearly two decades ago to help expand what was possible with career tracks, human capital, talent and cultures. Over the years we have expanded our business to go beyond what human capital can do alone. I am a creative entrepreneur at my core and I believe anything is possible. You simply have to want to make it possible, and people make it so.


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