An Origin Story of Financial Planning With Ben Combs (Ep. 51)

An Origin Story of Financial Planning With Ben Combs (Ep. 51)

Can you imagine a time when having a financial advisor was strange? Someone who could help you target your financial struggles and identify solutions may have existed but getting a degree in financial planning? Focusing your career on this new industry?

It was a whole new world back in 1973.

In this episode, Matt Ackermann is joined by one of the first CFPs and a pioneer of the financial industry, Ben Combs. Ben shares his journey from being one of the first graduates of the Certified Financial Planners program in 1973 to becoming a successful financial planner, discussing the challenges he faced in transitioning from product selling to problem-solving, the importance of building relationships, and the evolution of the industry.

Ben focuses on:

  • Why he joined the International Association for Financial Planning in 1971
  • How he felt shifting from a salesman to a financial planner and the reaction others had to his transition
  • How a lack of community in the beginning impacted early advisors and why he encouraged growth and support
  • His proudest moment while in the industry
  • And more

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